Monday, April 25, 2011

a little disappointing

I went to WW today.  I had a couple of disappointments.  Brenda has been my leader since the beginning.  She told me today that she is no longer going to be doing the Mon morning meetings in where I go.  It was just nice to have her know how far I have come and I have talked to her for help when I was getting discouraged (like when WW changed the point calculations!)  Secondly I only lost 1.6 lbs.  I really worked so hard this week and ate pretty darn carefully so I don't completely understand that but a loss is good so I am going to take it and keep working hard.  I have 7 more weigh-ins before the wedding where I want to be in the 170s so I should be able to get there.  I was 188.0 today.  Lowest ever weight at WW.
I went shopping to get a few new summer clothes.  I realized that I dont have any summer clothes that fit.  I bought a few things that are not usually what I would wear...like a couple skirts!  We'll see how comfortable I am wearing them.
I went to the gym today.  I left my stuff there and ran 4.3 miles on the trail (for my 1/2 marathon training I am suppose to be up to 4.5 miles for my short runs.)  I then did my weight training and ran 0.5 more as my cool down.  Feels good to have that checked off my "to do" list for today.
Hope you had a lovely Easter and have a good week!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I had my first workout today with Tanya, my trainer.  It took a while for us to get our schedules messed but this morning we had our first workout.  I really like her.  She said I am much stronger than I think I am....maybe that why I like her so much.  She made me work hard but it felt good  (when I was done!)  She also let me warm up adn cool down with running.  My beloved go to exercise!  She is running her first 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks so she is great about talking with me about where my running should be.  I did 6.3 mile run (long run) earlier this week.  I have been working hard at eating well too and so I am hoping for a good week on the scale.  Some of my personal life is not going so well so I am trying hard to have control over what I can.

Hope you have a good week!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fat girls eat

I am a fat girl.  I need to eat.  I know there are girls out there (like my mom) that when they need to lose a few pounds they can just moderate the amount they eat and get back to where they are happy.  I am not so good at that.  I like to have a full belly.  To be able to do that and lose weight takes a lot of planning and work.  I have to really fill up on veggies and fruits.  
Today I worked a 4 hour shift (we call them princess shifts!)  I know I have a long work week ahead of me so I needed to get my food planned and prepped so I would be successful.  I went to Costco to stock up.  I can simply not beat their produce prices anywhere else.  I spent several hours once I got home chopping, cooking and prepping my food but I am ready for the week.  
Last night I went to dinner with a bunch of my friends.  One of their husbands asked if we cook daily or do marathon cooking on one day like his wife.  Every single one of us nurses said we do the marathon cooking.  He was bewildered by this.  I guess when you work 12 hour shifts in the ER you have no energy left for cooking when you get home and I certainly am not going to get up early to cook.  So this blog entry is for Chuck...to show you that Hannah is just like the rest of us!
I had one splurge idem today.  I have been craving animal crackers.  I love to eat them with pudding.  I am not sure why I like these so much I do.  I weighed out little baggies of 3 pts servings.
 I have been enjoying carrots dipped in salsa as a point free snack.  I bagged up my carrots and put salsa in little containers to take to work.  (First I had to blend the salsa cause I dont like chunky salsa!)
 I made beef with veggies.  I put that on 2 points of brown rice for my main meal at work for the week.  
 I made my salads for the week.  I measured out the feta and salad dressing.  All of the rest of this is free points.  
 I love my berries.  I put blackberries, raspberries and blueberries in the containers.  I eat half of the berries with yogurt and the other half with cottage cheese during the day.  
 I got the best grapes at the marina market in SF.  They are so crisp and sweet.  I made little baggies of those.  
 I cut up and baked my brussel sprouts the way I love them with roasted almonds.  I made these with oil so I am calling a serving of these about 3 points.  
 After they cooled I put them in zip locks to be able to take them to work.
 Lastly I cut up a big watermelon.  Not much I love as much as really cold watermelon.  I made several of these containers.  
 How do I get all of this in my fridge?  Its a tight fit but I got it all in there.
I have to do all this prepping to stay on my plan but its so worth it.  

Monday, April 11, 2011

it was close....

but I think I am gong to make it.  I went to spin class today for the first time.  I thought....I am a runner.....how hard can this be?   HA!  That spin class kicked my bootie!  I am going to hurt tomorrow.  It was great though...in a death coming to get me kindof way.  I love that I had 3 friends there with me suffering with me!  If you want to hurt....take a spin class!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

maybe I need a goal

I am still here...plugging along.  It seems my weight is up a pound....down a pound....repeat for 5 months.  There are many things going on but one of them being my focus.  I am dating now and that takes time and effort too.  Last week I met and paid for a 20 sessions with a personal trainer.  I am hoping adding strength training to my routine is going to help.  That being said....my trainer and I can not meet this next week due to our schedules....but after that we are set for a while.  NOthing like missing the first week to look committed to something!  Haha!
I realized I have not really set any goals for what I want to lose by when.  This helped me in the past.  I have a wedding on June 18th.  I am not sure who will be there but I have been friends with the groom since 5th grade so I think it safe to assume that I a few people from my past will be there.  I loved the school I went to growing up.  I was fat and I dont remember EVER being made fun of.  In fact my memories are of the opposite....I was well liked.  That being said....I have not seen a lot of those people in a long long time so I would love to look smashing.  I even have a date for the shindig (although he is not that excited about it!)  My goal is to be at 179 for the wedding.  Think I can do it?  I have 2 months, a trainer and motivation!  This is my PMS week so I know I up a bit from that.  I also had a lot of wine on Friday night....and that never helps!  I think I can get there though.
To help me get there I have put some of my friends to work with me.  As I speak Laura is on her way over to come run with me before work.  I have also convinced Laura and Amelia to come do a spin class with me on MOnday.  I have never taken a spin class so this should be very interesting.  :)  I am going to get out of the 190s if it kills me!  I want to look smashing for this wedding on the arm of a cute boy.