Thursday, November 3, 2011

Amazing, right?

I know you are probably shocked....2 posts in 3 days.  I am a bit amazed myself.  I can say that I feel like I am back in the weight loss zone that I was in so well that first year when I lost all my weight.  Yay!  

OK....so how is it going?  I went into work on tues feeling all great.  I had a plan!  I had all my food prepared and points counted out.  I am sitting there enjoying my mid shift shack and in rolls this HUGE chocolate cake for one of my favorite docs (Happy birthday Hartwell!)  I guess this is a good time to mention that I have a few trigger foods.  Salt is mostly what I am weak for....esp chips.  My second loves are cookies and cake.  Also on the creak room table was mounds of halloween candy.  I combined them all in one grocery sack.  I would be telling a lie if I said I was not tempted.  I am happy to say though that I did not give in to temptation.  

After we worked a particularly busy 12 hour shift in the ER Angela and I kept to our commitment of walking.  We walked 2.5 miles which I was happy with as day #1 exercising and it was midnight and we had our butts kicked at work already.

Today I did well also.  I bought a membership to 24 hour fitness today at Costco.  I have a gym membership to the nice snooty gym by my house but quite franky....it is not open a lot of the time when I would use it.....they close at 11.  So I did something that is completely wastful and now have memberships to 2 gyms.  If I am not going to my closer gym much within a month then I will let that membership go.  BUt with 24 hour fitness we can go after work....and go we did.  I ran 1.8 of 2.0 miles.  It sucked.  It was slow.  But I did it.  I also did some other elliptical like machine Angela likes.  I am still undecided on that but as much as it sucked...it also felt really great to be running again.  I cant wait to hit the trails again!

Hope all is well!

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  1. I'm glad you're back, Marion! I've missed you.