Monday, March 21, 2011

almost there

I went to WW today.  I know when I have been doing good...cause I cant wait for weigh in morning.  When I am doing bad...I dread it!  I was looking forward to it today.  I was down 4.8 lbs this week.  I know that a lot of that weight was water I was retaining with my period but I am happy to take it!  I am only 1.2 lbs from my lowest weight and I am confident I can get there this week.  I have been a lazy bum today...not exercising but I think we need break days!
Hope you are having a good week too!  I will work on getting some pictures soon!

good week!

I have been a good girl (mostly) this week. I am feeling good about things.  I have been doing all the things I said I would including exercising!  I am happy to report that I have run 15 miles in the last week and swam twice as well.  Today I went out for a run.  Something amazing happened....I ran 4 miles at an average less than 11 min miles!!!!  This is a HUGE improvement for me!  I am hoping I have made progress but am going to wait and see how my next run goes.  Sometimes you are just "on" and things magical happen.  I weigh in at WW tomorrow and I am feeling good about it.  Of course I will let you know!
Hope you had a good weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Todays run at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by megrover6 at Garmin Connect - Details


I am having a lazy morning.  We all need those right?  I guess that is an advantage of no kids or hubby!  So when I tolled out of bed at 11am I was HUNGRY!  I made up this delightful breakfast and thought I would share.  The placemats were left on my table after having someone over for dinner.  My older sister always sets a nice table.  I am trying to do more of that.  
The sandwich is point friendly too.  Here it is:
Sandwhich thin: 3 points
Fried Egg: 2 points
Small amount of cheese: 1 point
3 slices of Canadian Bacon: 1 point
7 points total
Is a few more points than I usually eat for breakfast but I am eating a good bit later than I usually do.  Canadian bacon is my new favorite thing for breakfast.  I got a big package of it at Costco.  3 slices are one point!  You can microwave it too....30 sec per slice!  I am trying to add more lean protein in my diet so this helps get some in my morning.  I just made up zip lock bags each with 3 slices in them and threw them in the freezer.  Every few days I put a couple bags in the fridge so they are defrosted.  

Hope you are having a lazy St Patrick's day too!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Hold On

As I have mentioned in the past few posts....I have been struggling with my weight loss.  I am still working on on it but this week I have really been trying to put new things in place to help me.  There is a book...."A Million Little Pieces" This book was one of the Oprah books.  I admit that I usually love all things Oprah...except her book selections!  Well this book was about a guy who was overcoming addiction.  It came out later that he made up a good part of this story...blah blah blah.  I still got a lot out of the book.  I can recognize that my relationship with food is not different from an addict to Heroine....except mine is much more socially acceptable.  
In this book James has a phrase he says when he is Jonesing for drugs....He just keeps saying "just hold on" and he knows the strong desire for drugs will pass.  This has been something that I have used in the past in attempts to lose weight.  I have not really used it this time....til now.  Last week I felt I needed a phrase to say.  I was talking to my friend Lance and he reminded me of how powerful I felt this phrase was in the past.  I suddenly had my phrase.  JUST HOLD ON!  I had a silver bracelet made with it on it and have been wearing it since I got it.
I had a hard time getting a good picture of the bracelet but you get the idea.  Just Hold on!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

one day at a time

I worked today but I had in my mind that I was going to go to the gym after work.  After working 12 hours I must say the last thing I wanted to do tonight was go to the gym....but I did....because I am committed to continuing this journey.  It was not a pretty or easy work out but I did it.  I did not eat perfect today but I journaled everything I ate.  I was a few points over but I earned 9 exercise points so I was in my points.

On a funny note....tonight on the treadmill (aka torture machine) the guy next to me was a young guy who appeared to be in good shape.  Here is the thing....he grunted and moaned the whole time he was on the treadmill!  It was so annoying!!!  I kept thinking....shut up!  I am killing myself over here and you don't hear me grunting loudly!  Just then the song "Shut Up" came on my Ipod by the Black Eyed Peas.  I chucked out loud and then thought of him the whole time it played.  Somehow that made it all ok.  :)

One day at a time.  I am not sure why this is so hard for me to get a handle on.  I guess some days I have to take it a minute at a time.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Pizza Weight Watchers style!

I am feeling really good about my recommitment.  I work up today feeling a sense of relief.  Yesterday I really worked on thinking about my weight loss.  I watched Ruby and the biggest loser.  I read tons of weight loss blogs.  Just had to get my head back into it.  More importantly I stuck to my plan.  I swam a mile and ate in my points.  

I love pizza!  I am a little tired of Lean cusine pizzas so I have been trying to come up with one I can make myself.  Here is what I have come up with....and it is not too bad!
Take one Light Italian Flatout (2 pts)
Spread some pizza sauce on it (1 pt)
2 servings of 2% mozzarella cheese (4pts) 
Pile on the veggies (I didnt have any to pile on!)
 Bake at 400 til golden brown and you have.....

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I went back to WW today.  My weight is up....a good bit!  I was 198.0 today.  I am not happy about it.  Oprah had people that were on a weigh loss journey before sign a contract with themselves.  I am doing that with myself.  I am getting back to the basics.  I have gotten sloppy and thought I had a handle on this weight loss thing.  Not the case!
*I will not go out for fast food with the exception of Subway.
*I will track my points every day.  
*I will stay in my points for the day.
*I will track my exercise again on a calendar so I can see what I have been doing for the week.  
*I will not binge eat late in the evening.
*I will weigh in at WW every week.

I have a reward that I get an Ipad for my 100lbs reward.  I can get there and I know I will like my body much better when I get there.  100lbs will be when I get to 171.8.
I am not done.....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This has to be quick as I am heading out the door but many of you have been telling me you have been noticing that I have not been blogging.....so I am trying to do better.

Vegas was fantastic.  I will do more on that soon.  Since getting home I have really been trying to eat back on plan.  I do fine til night comes....then I blow it all to hell.  Today the plan is to go to SF with friends.  We are going to go on a walk then eat at my favorite place....the grove.  I am already craving their salad which I think is pretty healthy except the cheese on it.  Why has this gotten so much harder?