Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kept Busy

Well I mentioned before that I have been having a hard week.  I dont want to go into the details of all that is going on in my blog but lets just say that I suck at dating and dont deal with rejection well at all.   Enough on that.  Today I had nothing on my calender.  Staying home is not a good for my emotional well being.   I needed to be be out.  So I packed up the car and headed to San Francisco.  I find it hard to run with Sophie so I left her at home.  I started out by walking through Sports Basement.  I looked at a lot of clothes.  One day I do hope to be able to fit into those cute workout clothes.  I did find a couple pairs of shorts that fit so I got those.  I also wanted a water wicking hat.  When I run I am a nasty, dripping with sweat, monster of a mess.  I am hoping if I wear a hat that will absorb a bit of the sweat I wont have so much running into my face.  It seems to work well today.  
I went a total of 5.5 miles in the city....jogging a total of 4 of them.  It was a beautiful day in the city and I ran slow today but I was still out there moving.  I did the route that Hannah and I do regularly.  
I came home and decided that I needed to keep moving.  I went on a 13 mile bike ride just on the trails around the house.  

As far as food today...I kindof forgot to eat much until dinner time.  I had a luna bar (4pts) before going to the city.  I then had a fiber one bar (2pts) before my bike ride.  On the way home from the bike ride I stopped at safeway and picked up a sandwich from the deli.  I wanted to get chips but I knew that since I had binged yesterday I had to give those up.  I looked on line and the sandwich is 14 pts best I can tell.  I still have some points for the day but I think I am done eating.  I need to do a better job of getting fruits and veggies in on my days off.
Here is a picture of me about a mile into my run....so I am not looking too rough yet!  You cant ask for a better view!!


I need to stay busy

Last night after my post I ate a bunch of crap food.  It is what it is.  I wallowed in my misery and gave myself permission to be sad.  I woke up this morning still feeling sad but I am going to deal with it better today.  I am going to one of my favorite places to run....San Francisco.  I am planning on running 3 miles which is over and back on the Golden Gate bridge.  If I am still in a funk when I get home I am going to go for a long bike ride.  Not sure exactly how long.....but until I feel better so might be a personal record!

Friends are amazing.  One of my best friends that lives in AZ called last night on her way home from work.  We talk some but not as regularly as I would like.  She said she had been thinking about me all day and wanted to check on me.  She had no idea I was in a bad place but she sensed it.  I so needed her at the moment she called.  Lance called after that.  He helped me laugh.

OK...I am off to jog!

Monday, June 28, 2010

blah day

I went to weight watchers this morning.  I lost 1.6lbs which I am happy with.  Mia and I got talking after weight watchers about clothes.  I was complaining about not being able to find any I really like.  Mia told me to come to Khols with her....so off we went.  I got a couple shirts and shorts.  I brought 2X stuff into the dressing room only to discover that I am a 1X.  Also I bought some shorts that are a size 18.  They are a tad snug but they are ok.
One would think I would be in a good mood after shopping and being in smaller sizes.  Sadly its not the case.  I am in a total funk today and need to get out of it!  The main reason for the funk is not one I want to go into on here but I am hoping to be feeling better soon.  I have had many many food desires enter my thoughts and so far I have managed to not give in.  Food is how I have medicated in the past and those habits are very hard in dying!
Hope you are having a better day than me.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

I went to the gym yesterday before the pool party.  I struggled to run 2 miles.  I had nothing left after that.  Today I went to the gym with a 2 mile run in mind.  I ran 2 miles and felt so great I kept going.  I ran 3 miles before I took my first break.  I walked 0.2 miles then felt like I needed to run again!  I ran another mile for a total of 4 miles!  I have never run 3 miles straight and I have never run 4 miles so it was 2 firsts today!
I then went to Laura's house for a 10 mile bike ride.  It was hot!  It was windy!  And it was a lot hillier trail than I am use to!  I it was a strenuous 10 miles for me.
Here is the amazing thing.  In Jan when I started this...I would walk on the treadmill for 2 miles at 3.2 mph.  I am now running at 4.8 mph for 4 miles.   I am planning on doing a 10K (6.2 miles) in November and I am not worried at all.  I am confident I can run that far by then.  If I can do this anyone can!  Just get out there and start walking!

Best Friends

Yesterday was my friend Kim's birthday.  I am so so fortunate to be a part of 8 friends that have an amazing relationship.  We have helped each other through so much over the years including the death of a child, a wedding that didnt happen as well as many great times and celebrations!  Words can not describe this group and how deep our friendship is.  Many times I have described us as the Sex and the City girls but in California.  We have very frank conversations like those girls.  Anyways....yesterday we got together at Kim's beautiful house for some R&R and fun and to celebrate her birthday!    Sadly Amelia was in south america so she missed out on this on!
First picture is my viewpoint for most of the day.  Rough life I know!
Here is Jenny and Snoop Dog having some quality bonding time (this is after she gave him a head bleed by hitting his head on the gill when picking him up!)
Jenny then went into practicing her yoga poses...careful to not spill any wine in the process!
Me, Kim, Jenny, Snoop, and Laura
This was taken after all the girls arrived (some fashionalbly late after working til 3am the night before.)  Love these girls!
Meghan and Laura cooked an amazing feast!  It all started with Meg's amazing wonderful homemade bread.  Meg made me kabobs with no mushrooms or shrimp!  Laura grilled very yummy beef ribs with no bones (I didnt know you could get ribs with no bones!)  
This picture pretty well shows the fun we have together!

Hope all of you are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beauty Shop and Dog Park

A long time ago (over 10 years to be more exact) a girl moved from Alabama to California.  When the girl made it to California she needed to find someone that could help her keep her blonde locks of hair golden instead of its natural dirty dishwater color.  It was about 10 years ago that I started going to see Beth.  Beth is an important person in my life....she is my hairdresser.  Beth knows more about me then most including how much of my hair is grey (too much!)  The process of getting caramel and blonde in my hair is a bit tedious and I am not sure most men can full appreciate what it takes.  Here is a small glimpse:
Beth takes about an hour to go through all my hair and brush color into it and wrap it up in tin foil.
Then I sit under the drier for what seems like forever.  This is where I use to get in trouble when I worked night shift.  Many times I would fall asleep under the drier which cause my color to bleed....which is not the look I was going for.  

After getting my hair done I went home to take Sophie for a bike ride then to Heather Farms to the dog park.  I keep thinking each time I take her that she is suddenly going to love it, run and play and have fun.  Well this time was no different from any other time.  There were tons of other little dogs to play with.  Look at all the fun she could have:
But no.  My pooch is in the corner, by herself, being very anti social.  
Even worse...I sat down and started talking to another dog mom and looked down to see this sitting on the bench next to me looking pretty miserable and unhappy: 
Sigh!  I guess it was time to go home!  I am sure next time I take her she is going to love it and play like a dog is suppose to!

Monday, June 21, 2010

crazy fluctuation

My weight has been all over the place this week.  I know I wrote about it a bit earlier this week.  Luckily I think it was all hormones and hoping its over for this month.  I was up as much as 4 lbs earlier in the week then suddenly dropped way down.  Who knows!?  Because of this fluctuation up I did exercise a lot this weekend.  I wrote about my bike ride and swim on Sat.  Sunday I went to the gym with Jewell. Neither of us were feeling it before we went.  I said I was going to do 3 miles on the treadmill and figured I was going to walk most of it.  Well once I got going I really got going.  I ended up jogging 3.5 miles and then went swimming.  My goal was to swim a mile.  I felt so good after a mile I did 2.  Unfortunately I was under the impression that if my body was in the water that I could not get burned.  Wrong!!!  My whole backside is on the crispy side.  Oh well!  Will wear sun screen next time.  I am sure my crazy exercise is a lot of the reason for my 3 lbs weigh loss this week at Weight Watchers.  Sadly they are discontinuing my noon Monday meeting.  I guess I am going to start having to get up and over there for the 10am meeting.

I am working 3pm-3am today.  Been a long time since I have worked that late!  Hard to believe I worked night shifts only 6 months ago!  So much has changed in that time!
Have a great Monday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of you!  I need to start by saying I have been very blessed with a great dad!  I thought I would post a few pictures here to show what a great dad he is!  (Yes, that is me with 70s plan fashion pants!)
Dad taught me many things.  He is an expert at sampling oatmeal chocolate chip cookies...he likes extra cinnamon. 
When dad and I are in the same city, we typically end a day with a game of canasta.  One of my fond memories of dad is playing games on Sunday afternoon.  He is always "playing defensively."
My dad is a great grandfather.  He is willing to do just about anything for the grandkids.
My dad is a retired Fisheries professor.  Yes folks....my dad teaches about fish.  Perhaps all the time I have spent in stinky hot fish hatcheries is why I strongly dislike eating fish.  A fond memory was just about every Saturday of my childhood was spend out at the Auburn University fish ponds.  I think it was dad's way of giving my mom a break from all of us 4 kids but it was good times!  One of us (usually my brother) inevitably got into a fire ant hill and ended up getting dunked in the lake to get the ants off.  Dad has taken the tradition of fishing to the next generation.  He also has taught them to canoe like he did with us.  Only diffrence is when I was a kid I remember him fishing while I rowed...with the grandkids he seems to remember to row too!
My dad is always up for an adventure.  According to my mom, when dad asked her to get married she replied "but I haven't traveled the world yet" to which my dad replied "I think we can do that together."  My parents have lived all over the world including Libya, Philippines, Bangladesh, South Africa and a short stint in China.  Mom now wants to have a passport burning party!  I joined mom and dad in China and did a whirlwind tour with them.  It was great!
I have a great dad!  I hope all of you have great memories with your dads too!

What a beautiful day!

This has been a very mild summer so far in Northern California.  Today was perfect weather...in the 70s and sunny!  I went for a long bike ride.  I started out by going to the farmers market that is a few miles from my house.  The produce there was so spectacular looking.  My good friend had already been there and bought me some cherries and strawberries and since I knew I was going on a long ride I just looked and didnt buy anything.  Here is a picture of the farmers market today:

The ride continued to Alamo then back to walnut creek.  Along Iron Horese Trail there were these girls selling lemonade for ARF.  Made me feel like I lived in a small town so I asked them to pose for a picture (after I bought a glass of lemonade of course!)

After riding quite a ways I felt like I had not tackled any hills so I went to Lime Ridge to try to bike up a big hill as far as I could.  Sadly I didnt make it too far up the hill but I am sure after time I will make it up it!  Here is a view once I got up on the ridge!

After my bike ride I went to the gym and swam for a mile (took me 50 minutes.)  Sadly the scale is up.  It is up several pounds.  I am not happy about it but will keep plugging along.  I think I'm holding onto fluid due to my time of the month.  I'm going to keep plugging along!  I am not looking forward to Monday's weigh in.  Arg!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Girls Night

All of my friends are nurses.  I really don't know too many people in California that I don't know from work.  There are a few ex boyfriends out there but thats about it.  That being said....it does not bother me a bit cause I really do have the best group of friends.  Last night 5 of us were all able to go out which is no small feet when you are dealing with all of our crazy nurse schedules!  
A new bar in Walnut Creek opened and they have a country night on Thurs nights.  This group of friends and I have had fun going to a country bar in the past but it was all the way down in Freemont (0ver an hour away!)  Last night we kicked back, we danced, we drank (some more than others!) and we had good girl time.  We talked about BF woes and happiness.  We ran into some of the boys we had been talking about.  We were just girls having fun and I loved it!
At the end of the night we went to the traditional after going out spot....Denny's (only because there is no waffle house close!)  I didn't even attempt to eat healthy.  I don't feel too badly that today the scale is up a couple pounds this morning.  I am sure all of the salt from my fries and sandwich is making me retain water.  I had fun and I needed that!  Going to go for a long bike ride and enjoy to today (since I slept til 2,  I have to get scooting on it!)  I highly recommend building some girl time into your life.  If you don't have great girlfriends to go out with.....make it a priority to get some.  There is nothing like it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I dont have much to say on this blog so I have not been making many posts.  I went to the gym after work today with Jewell.  I ran/walked 3 miles on the treadmill.  I swam 22 laps (about 3/4 a mile I think).  Like I said......nothing interesting.
Yesterday at WW I did lose 2.2 for a total loss of 52.4.  This week it must be more noticeable than other weeks cause it seems everywhere I go people are making comments.  I don't always know what to say.  I am getting better at taking the compliment and not talking about how far I still have to go.  What I want to say is...."yes I know...its pathetic that I had 50 lbs to lose and still have another 70 to go!  Pathetic I got that fat!"  I don't think people want to hear that....what do you think?
Perhaps my grumpiness is that I was at work at 7am and have to be there again at 7am in the morning!  Thats sure to make ANYONE grumpy esp a night owl like me!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Off day

I had decided to day was going to be an "off day" from exercising.  I have done something everyday for 10 days so I thought I deserved it.  That was until I was unloading my groceries and Hannah texted me.  I jumped in the car to go walk with her in San Francisco.
Hannah is a runner.  She and Laura are my biggest cheerleaders and I love them dearly.  Well we started out.  The first mile sucked.  I had told Hannah my goal was to run 3 miles.  My previous most run was 2.5 miles.  After the first mile I was not sure I was going to make it to mile 2.  Well I hit my stride and actually ran 3.5 miles.  I felt so good at one point I ran 1.5 miles without stopping for my walk break.
It felt great and I must say I am proud of myself.  Now I have to paint the full picture.  It is sunset.  We are running at Crissy fielf in SF with the sun setting behind the Golden Gate Bridge!  Not sure I could of imagined a prettier setting.
Maybe tomorrow will be my exercise off day!

Hope you had a great Sat as well!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Before and After

Sophie went to the groomer today.  I would say she was long over due!  She didn't think I should get all the before and after pictures. 

Had a good day off of work....didnt do much!  It was lovely.  I did go for a 4 mile walk and took Sophie to the dog park.  She is a very unsocial dog so she was not fond of my dog park find.

Hope everyone had a good day too!

Hello, My name is Murn...

Hello, My name is Murn and I am a food addict.  This morning I weighed myself and I was up a bit from my Monday weigh in.  Not acceptable.  I got strict about weighing my food for work and wrote everything down.  I have been doing a lot more eye balling lately and going out to eat a bit too much.  Time to get back to the plan.  I might of lost 50lb but I am no where near done.  I packed my gym bag to go there after work today.  Fast Forward to after work....
Was leaving work a bit later than I wanted to but still had time to get the work out in that I wanted.  I got to my car and was surprised to not find my gym bag.  I have to admit that at first I thought my car had been broken into then it occurred to me that no one wants to steel my old gym clothes and shoes.  The i figured I forgot the bag at home.  Going home would not be a big deal but I knew I could not sneak in the house grab the bag and not take Sophie out...which would delay me another 10 minutes.  
I walked in the door...and there sitting by the door was my gym bag, just where I left it.  After I saw the gym bag, my eyes immediately went to a bag of baked lays.  I went straight to it and started eating!  WTF?????  I was suppose to be at the gym.  Chips are my biggest weakness.  I love salt!!!  I have very little control with them around.  I bought the bag for a picnic yesterday with Harmony and Cali.  I had full intentions on sending them home with Harmony but I forgot.  But no....there they were.  In my house...making their way onto my thighs.  I ate 2 handfulls and while I was eating those I started thinking about skipping the gym.  I am happy to say I had a moment where I came to my senses and walked over to the sink and filled the bag with water (yes mom.....I ruined perfectly good food.)  Not going to eat soggy chips!  It scares me how easily I can go back to those old habits.  EKKKK!  Will I ever have control of this?
I did make it to the gym.  I ran 2 miles and walked 0.3.  I biked 2 miles and swam for 16 laps (1/2 mile.) Sadly I would of done longer on the tread mill and in the pool but the gym was closing.  
There are many things I love.  At the top of my list are when my nails are done in a french manicure!  Sadly the pool usually kills my manicure so tonight I took a picture of my pretty nails tonight.  
Last night I went to SF and hung out with Hannah.  We both went to the grocery store (yes...we are wild and crazy girls!)  Hannah told me to try these fiber 1 bars.  I must say I am quite fond of them.  They are 2 points so 1/2 of a luna bar and just as filling (and cheeper!)
I am off work tomorrow and very much looking forward to having some down time.  I am hoping to go for a run and a bike ride.  I hope you all have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

50 pounds

Sorry I didn't have the energy to post yesterday.  I went to WW yesterday and was praying I had hit my 50 lbs mark.  I would of been so utterly bummed if I had not hit it.  As I stood on the scale, I said..."please tell me I hit 50, please tell me I hit it!"  My leader said...."perhaps M you are a bit too hard on yourself.  You know you have lost 10 lbs in the last month."  Sadly I didnt care.  I was all about the 50.  Well luckily I hit it.  Perhaps I am a bit hard on myself.
Yesterday Laura came over.  She had been telling me she had a present for when I hit 50 lbs.  We already had it planned that Laura was going to come over to bike ride at 11.  She brought her present for me.  It was 50 pounds of English money in a frame.  I LOVE it!  How creative is she!?
Laura and I went on a 2.5 mile run then a 15 mile bike ride to celebrate.  We stopped in at Whole Foods again on the way home to enjoy some Watermelon and some crack peanut butter.  My whole foods has an area where you grind your own peanut butter.  One of the types they have is honey roasted peanuts!  It is like crack to me!  Anyways...I introduced Laura to it.  My mouth waters just thinking about it!  I can not get enough to bring home because that is something I really would have no self control over.  NONE!  
Today Harmony is coming over with Cali to ride bikes.  I have my doctors apt this afternoon.  Last year my dear doctor sat me down to tell me I had to get control of my weight.  She gave me a long talk on changing what I eat as well as adding exercise in.  I am excited to tell her this year I listened and have done as she said.  
Hope all of you have a great day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I made it!

I am happy to say that I hit my 50 lb weight loss goal today!  50.2 lbs to be exact.  I have a lot I want to write but I am exhausted so I am going to bed but will post tomorrow!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sophie joins the bike ride!

Today I had my nephew Peyton over.  He is quite the bike rider!!!  We went out last night for a quick ride on the trails around my house.  I wanted someone else around when I first rode the bike with Sophie in the basket in case she jumped out.  My hope was if Peyton was standing there....she would run to him.  Luckily we didnt have to have her run to anyone.  She seemed to really love the bike ride!  I actually only went up the street and back with Peyton around.  Peyton is still learning riding ediquite so it takes all my attention to keep him from hitting other walkers and bikers.  After he went home I took Sophie out for a 10 mile ride on my own.  I am not sure I will ever be able to get her to walk again now she knows she can ride.
Here is my nephew with Sophie.  
This is a picture of Laura and I after our long ride last week.  She is coming over tomorrow to help me explore the trails more!
How you had a great weekend too!

Friday, June 4, 2010

not sure what my hold up is

I have been exercising.  Yesterday Laura came over and we rode 21.5 miles.  I am not sure if that is a good distance on a bike but I sure felt like we had gone far.  This morning I got up and went to the gym and swam a mile (took me 55 minutes.)  I dont get why my scale is moving ever so so slowly!  I am not eating any more (if anything I am eating less) than before and I have increased my exercise.  GERRRR!
Working a 12 hour shift.  I am sure at about 10 pm tonight I am going to regret the swim.
Keep on keeping on!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

get movin'

I have worked the last 2 days...and I have been working in the office not out in the emergency dept.  I feel so BLEH!!!!  I need to get movin!  Sadly I didnt get home until after midnight tonight so I dont think I shoudl go for a bike ride.....but I really want to!  Tomorrow Laura is coming over and we are going for a run and bike ride.  I cant wait!  Who ever thought my fat butt would ever say those words!?  Certainly not me!
As most of you know, I am a sucker for gizmos and gadgets.  I am pretty good about actually using the ones I have too.  My latest one is a "body bug."  It is a gadget I wear on my arm that somehow measures all kinds of things.  Each day you plug it into your computer and it tells you how you did for the day.  I dont think it is 100% accurate but I certainly think it is pretty good.  The gadget cost $170 and then they get ya with a $6/mo fee to use the program to get all info off the thing.  What I love about it is I feel like I get credit for all the exercise I do.  When I walked 8 miles the other day I was excited to come home and see how many steps I had walked.  the reverse is true too.  Today and yesterday I have not done much of anything.....had no motivation to plug the thing in!  It also tells me how much I have slept.  Many days I can correlate how I am feeling with how much I slept.  Here are a few shots of the graphs it generates and the info it tells me.  (FYI..I dont journal my food here....I did it on weight watchers site so my calories consumed is never filled in.)

You can break each section down to show you hour by hour how you did.  The pink is steps taken each hour and the grey bar at the bottom is sleep.  The lighter areas are all the times I woke up during the night.  
I find it a fun toy and am in no way paid by Body media for this endorsement!  If you are interested in more here is the site for the body bug.
I have a day off tomorrow and my only request is to go out and not see any snakes!  Rest assured that if I do see one....I will probably have my camera and report it back to you!
Happy Losing!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I only lost 0.8lbs this week.  I am not sure what happened.  Guess a body does its own thing sometimes regardless of all the exercise I did and the little amount I ate.

So be it.  Hoping I lose 1.4 this week to be able to say I have lost 50lbs.