Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I moved in with the hubby in May.  Since before I moved in I had plans on having a garden at this house.  When I first moved to California I had a tiny patio for a back yard.  Then I lived in an apartment.  I now have a house with a big back yard.  Yay!  It is a blank canvas too.....I mean really blank!

In fact the hubby and I do not agree on what should be happening in the back yard.  I picture a lovely green backyard with plants.  He pictures it staying just how it is....requiring no mowing.    So I am going to carve out an area for a garden.  I am going to have a raised bed built and have more veggies than I can ever eat!  I am pretty hopeful huh?  I have never gardened so I realize I may get nothing.  

I have a bit of ants in my pants to get my garden going but it is a bit too soon so I have started pots of stuff.  Here is what that looks like...

I will keep you updated!  Everything has sprouts but the bell peppers.  I will just buy seedlings of those if nothing pops up.  Again....I have no idea what I am doing but I'm having fun with it.  


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm back!

Hey everyone.  My name is Murn.  I am a blogger....well....sortof.  I have been off of here for a long time.  I know...bad!  I do have a few excuses.  I am still fat.  I gained some of my weight back.  Not all by any means but some.  I am not going to update my numbers right now.  Here is what I can say....I am pretty happy right now.  So here is a quick summery of what I have been up to.  I met a boy.  We fell in love and we got married.  I dont know if he would appreciate me posting his picture on here so I wont but I will say he is smashingly handsome and I love him.
Here is a quick summary of the story...
October 2010.....received an email off of my match.com membership from a cute boy who seemed interested in me.  I met him.....we kept seeing eachother for over 2 years.....then
The boyfriend proposed on a Mon night in Dec.  He did it in a long  drawn out way.  I was not expecting it.  We had talked about getting married many times but I had said I was in no hurry.  He gave me a "fake" ring that was silver and white sapphires then he gave me the real ring.  I said yes.  The Boyfriend then suggested we get married that Friday!  The Myan calendar had said the end fo the world was going to happen that day so we wanted to get itched before that.  The next morning I called the county court house to get a wedding apt.  I have never wanted a wedding.  Something very simple with just the 2 of us is what I wanted.  Can you believe the courthouse had no apt for later that week?

So the boyfriend suggested vegas!  I perked right up and ran with that idea.  We went to vegas and got married in the back of a pink caddy by Elvis himself.  It was so much fun!  We had to promise to not step on each others blue suede shoes or treat eachother like a hounddog.  Elvis was great.

After the wedding we went back to the Belagio where we were staying.  We had the most fantastic dinner overlooking the fountains.  It was the perfect day!

So first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes.....

a lot of doctors appointments!  We have been working really hard and for quite a long time (yes, before we were married) on making a baby.  The hubby and I are both carriers of cystic fibrosis (a terrible disease) so we are using a lot of science to make this little one!

I know many many people that are dealing with infertility are very private about the struggle.  We have chosen to not be so private.  For one thing I am so greatful that we at least know we are carriers and can prevent having a really sick child.  For 2 I want people to know others are struggling too.  It can feel very lonely out there sometimes having to go through all of this.  Here is a quick summery of what we have been through....
Many blood drawns and appointments for both of us.
Oct 2012-Hubby had surgery.
Nov 2012-I had one round of egg retrieval done with only one good embryo in the end of it all.  We decided to do a second round of egg retrieval before sending the embryos off for genetic testing because the cost was the same ($6000) if we had one of 10 to test.
Jan 2013- another round of egg retrieval with a different set of meds.  I started out strong but in the end we only had 2 good embryos at day 5 of growing.
Jan 2013-  Biopsies of the 3 little embryos were sent off for genetic testing.  1 came back as only a carrier.  The other 2 had cystic fibrosis so we are choosing to not use those.  The one that is good is a .....GIRL!!!

So the plan right now is to implant that baby girl in May and pray she likes my uterus and grows to be a baby girl in there.

May?  why may?  Well we are going to be traveling most of April and we didnt want to risk being early preg when traveling.  Since we are traveling in April we wont be here to implant.....so May it is.

Which is what brings me to this blog....(long way around the barn I know!)
The doctor said I have a better chance of getting preg if I lose weight.  Damn it.....it always comes back to that!  So here I am on a crash diet trying to lose as much as I can before we implant baby girl.

I got serious about this weight loss plan on March 7.  For the first several weeks I was just exercising and eating healthy.  IN the last week I have started a hypnosis program.  2 days ago I started a cleanse through them.  I am not sure if I believe in all the "getting your body back in balance" crap but I do think it will help me lose weight.  I want to know when we implant our little embryo that I have done everything I can do to make it successful (I am also doing acupuncture).  So for the first 2 days I had 2 shakes (bleh) and veggies and fruits.  For the next 3 days I am drinking only water with lemon juice and maple syrup.  Thats it.  It tastes like lemonade....so its not bad.  It is just making me realize how I really eat to satisfy boredom and many other feelings.  Oh well.  Lemonade it is!
After these 3 days I am back to the shakes and fruits and veggies til I have been on it 20 days.

I woudl ideally like to get back to my lowest point but we will see.  As of this morning I have lost a total of 12 lbs since starting.  Tomorrow I will of been doing this for a month.

So I am back on track....sortof.  I admit I am crash dieting but I am ok with that this time.  I have a date I need to meet!

I am planning on having this blog now more about my life and less about dieting.  I will ask the hubby if I can put a picture of him on here.  I will also keep you updated on baby stuff (I hope)....or the lack of.

hope all is well