Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy New Bike and More snakes!

Last night after I made my post I looked for Miss Sophie.  This is how I found her.  Completely knocked out not moving a muscle!  8 miles of walking wore the girl out!
Well I weighted at my house this morning and no...I don't think I am going to hit my 50 lbs weight loss this week but it was such a BEAUTIFUL day I couldn't resist...I went to get a bike.  I bought it at Clayton Bikes (thanks CJ for recommending the shop...they were great!)  I got all the accessories I wanted.  My bike is a hybrid bike but a "step through" which looks a lot like a beach cruiser.  I cruised over tot he Jewell's house to show off my new bike.  
One of the accessories I bought was a basket for the front of my bike.  I am hoping to put Sophie in there for my rides so she is not left at home.  On my inaugural ride I didn't bring sophie but I plan on bringing her in the near future!  We did try out the basket at home....here is Sophie trying out her basket.  
Now...Yesterday I complained about seeing another snake.  The snake is part of the reason I went for a bike!  I feel a bit safer on a bike than walking where a snake can bite me!  I was telling the Jewell's about the snake I saw yesterday.  Sure enough I was not on the trail to home more than 5 minutes when I came across another SNAKE that was laying across the trail like he owned it!  
I am waiting for my professor father to look at this and tell me he (yes...I decided all snakes are a he) is harmless.  I think this is the same type snake as the baby I saw yesterday.  Maybe a corn snake?  Either way....I am NOT a fan!  Hoping this is my last snake posting for the year!
Hope all of you had a great Memorial day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Surfs Up

My brother John invited me to go to Pacifica today with him, his friends, and his son Peyton.  It was a beautiful day yet a bit chilly!
Here I am with Mr P and his serious face!  Don't let his spiderman sunglasses make you think he is anything but all business!
Here is John and Peyton.
My brother is Mr Extreme Sportsman.  I am the exact opposite.  We are only 16 months apart yet we are quite different in every way.  Here is he catching a wave.  Surfing does not call my name AT all esp after my brother told me there are great white sharks in those waters.  Yeah, no thanks.  I like my legs.
Who needs a sand chair when you can sit on jagged rocks to read your book.  I sure love this little guy!
While my brother was surfing P and I got hungry.  The only place to get food was Taco Bell.  I have not eaten at a taco bell since before Jan.  I had 2 tacos so I think I did ok.  After the beach I went to see my coworker that has a baby at Children's Hospital.  Her baby has been there for over a week and they are not sure when she is going home but are facing 6 months of chemo and a bone marrow transplant.  She was willing for me to get her out of that place and go to dinner....so of course I took her!  She picked a BBQ place!  EKKKK!   I had a pulled pork sandwich.  Side options were fries, potato salad or cole slaw.  Besides the fact that the later 2 are high in calories and fat, I dont like either one of them.  Have a mentioned that I am a picky eater?  (not too picky I guess since I ate my way to 271lbs!)  So I had fries.  When I got home I put on my walking shoes and started walking.  I didn't really have a goal in mind when I started out but about 1/3 of the way I decided I should walk 8 miles.  Not sure why I picked 8 miles....I guess I knew I could walk that far since I did it for Bay to Breakers.  Midway on the walk....what do I almost run over with my feet but a frekin' SNAKE!!!!  What is the deal with me and snakes????  I was on a nice paved trail that has lots of people also walking on it!  Thank goodness this little guy is just a baby but come on!!!!  I am VERY scared of snakes!!!  Go away!  (the quality of this snake picture is not great cause I took the pic with my iphone and then zoomed a bunch on the computer!)
I have a Garmin that I wear sometimes to help me make sure I walk as far as I think I did.  Sadly this gizmo dosn't pick up til I have already walked 0.25 miles.  I didn't say I walked it very fast but I did it all.  Miss Sophie was a trooper and walked happily next to me the whole way.  She was not so happy at the beginning of mile 7 when I passed by the turn off for home to go the long way home.  She has not walked this far so she did a great job for a small pooch!
Tomorrow is suppose to be my weigh in day.  I think I will his my 50 lbs but I am not positive.  Sadly Weight watchers is closed for the holiday!  Whats that about???  Don't they know I need to weigh in tomorrow so I know I hit my 50 lbs loss???????  Either way I think I am going to go pick out a bike.  :)

Finally I can not have Memorial day pass and not say a very special thanks to all men and women that serve now and have served in the past in the Military.  I am truly thankful!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Good day!

Today was the release of Sex and the City 2.  I have loved all of the pervious shows and last movie.  I feel like I have close family like relationships with many of my friends much like the girls.  I also love NYC where it is filmed!  Jewell and I went to see the movie tonight.  It was good...but I didn't leave the theater loving it.
After the movie I came home to cook some food for the next 2 days since I am working.  I have been reading a lot of blogs about weight loss with lots of recipes.  I found a blog where you make a dish like this and I made it for tomorrow at work:
Brussel Sprouts and Sausage:
1/3 lbs turkey sausage sliced and sauteed in a pan (with Pam)
about 8 Bressel Sprouts, cut up finely
1 clove of garlic

I sautéed the brussel spouts and garlic in about a tsp of hot oil for about 7-8 minutes (until getting brown).  I added sauteed turkey sausage to pan and mixed together and YUM!  I added a few carrotts to the brussel sprouts too just to use up what I had.  Here is the blog I found this recipe on.
While I cook I always have a little company.  Miss Sophie is almost always in this position ready to catch any food that might drop.  (yes...I know....she needs a trip to the groomer!)
Next thing I made tonight was a Cream of Zucchini Soup:
Cream of Zucchini Soup
Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes
Servings: 4 servings  Time: 25 minutes  Points: 1 ww points

• 1/2 small onion, quartered
• 2 cloves garlic
• 3 small zucchini skin on cut in large chunks
• 32 oz fat free chicken stock
• 2 tbsp lite sour cream
• salt
• pepper

Combine chicken broth, onion, garlic and zucchini in a medium pot and cook on medium heat.

Bring to a boil, lower heat, cover, and simmer until tender, about 20 minutes. Remove from heat. Purée: Add the sour cream. Using an immersion blender, purée till smooth.

Stir in remaining ingredients, and adjust seasonings to taste. Serve hot.

Optional: Top with 2 tsp parmesan cheese - 1 point extra 

Murn's changes: I have made this soup twice....once I added red bell peppers (which are a great addition to this soup), I always leave out the onion.  Today's soup I added carrots to and they were tasty!  This is a great soup for very low points and its a great way to get your veggies in!!!  I divide this into 2 large servings for 2 points each.

Hope you get some great ideas for things to cook!  Have a great Memorial weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Role Models

I have written several times about wanting to be a runner.  I grew up in the best place to grow up....Auburn, Alabama.  My parents were active people...and still are.  Sunday afternoons were always filled with playing games with my dad while my mom recharged her batteries with a nap.  When mom woke up we usually all went on a walk of the neighborhood.  Willow Creek was a neighborhood that was beautiful (perhaps I am feeling a bit sentimental right now.)  The beginning of the neighborhood use to be a Pecan orchard.  In the back of the neighborhood is a big lake.  Our walks would wind us on a 3 mile loop through the neighborhood.  In my mind I am not a runner until I can run 3 miles at a 12 minute mile or faster.  I think it is based on those 3 mile walks we use to take.  I am not sure.  There is something about 3 miles and 12 minute miles.
On rainy days.....mom and dad would pack us kids up in the army green Granada (aka the Grenade) and take us to the basketball coliseum.  On my last trip home I went in the old building to walk down memory lane....and I must say the old place still smelled the same.  This year Auburn opened up a new basketball arena and I believe they have torn down the one I knew so well.  Part of my parents success in staying thin is they are consistent with exercise.  I hope to follow their example.
Last night I went to San Francisco to walk with my dear friend Hannah.  It was spitting rain and we started out.  I had read in a book Laura gave me "No need for Speed" that to run you can take walk breaks.  I realize this seems like a DUH thing.....but its not how I had been jogging in the past.  In the past I would jog as far as I could (which was not far) and then walk for the rest of the workout.  With Hannah I jogged and walked.  I am happy to say I jogged a total of 2.5 miles and walked 1 mile.  I didnt break any record with speed but I was out there....and it felt great.  Hannah is a fantastic cheerleader!

I am really feeling great and every day I get a smidge prouder of myself and get a pinch more confidence that I might actually do this!

Share any jogging tips you have!  I can use all the help I can get.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I think I can see a diffrence

I know I already did one post for today but I have another one in me.  I just looked through the pictures on my computer.  I take a TON of pictures.  I like to think I am a scrapbooker.  In practice....I have not scrapped (yes that is a verb) in a very long time but I am always thinking about how I woudl scrap stuff when I am snapping pictures and someday I do hope to catch up.  I know no pages have been created in my scrapbook room since the new year (yes I have a scrapbook room....I will do a post on that soon!)  I digress....
In looking at my face pictures...I think I can see a difference.  Finally!  I guess after looking in the mirror at myself day after day its hard to see it.  I know my clothes are changing but its nice to lose a chin or two.  Anyways....I added face pic to the side bar.  Not sure how long I will keep my mug up there but I thought it was interesting.  I cant wait to see the difference in 50 more lbs!  208 is the lowest weight I have ever been as an adult.  I was only at that weight for about 30 sec when I was on the liquid diet many years ago.  I am not too far from uncharted territory and that is exciting!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Almost there!

I weighed in today.  I was happy thrilled that I lost 5.2 lbs.  Now remember last week I gained 0.4 lbs so I really consider this a 2 week loss of 4.8lbs.  Now I need to introduce all of you to Murn Math.  This is an example of my OCD thinking.  Don't worry if you don't follow it.....it probably only makes sense to me:
5.2 lbs lost this week-0.4 lbs gain last week=4.8 lbs lost/ 2 weeks=2.4 lbs lost each week which is exactly my average loss per week which I am happy with.  
Now here is more Murn math.....I have to lose 2.2 lbs this week so I can hit the BIG 50!!!  I think that will be a big one!  Plus I had a bunch of overtime a few months ago and set aside money for a bike.  A new bike is my 50 lb reward.  Hoping next week I can ask if anyone wants to go for a bike ride. 
I have been slacking at pictures this week and I don't have any great pictures to post this week so I took one of my weight watchers tracking book.  
Here is a picture of my bookmark that I have had in several entries.  I must admit I lost my original record book (hence why I had to change the week number.)  There is a 5lb sticker for each 5lbs I have lost (I guess that was a duh statement.)  
I went to see "Letters to Juliet" with my friend Kris tonight.  It was just what I was in the mood for....a light hearted romantic comedy that has a happy ending.  After the movie we went to Chick-fil-A which also makes me happy!  Its like a taste of home and I am glad its quite a drive to get there from my house.  After the yummy dinner Kris and I did a little clothes shopping.  Shopping is so much more fun in smaller sizes.  I got a few shirts I can wear with scrubs as well as socially with regular pants. 

Now....found this picture and realized I have not posted it in the past so I thought I would throw it on here.  This is my nephew that is local.  He LOVES to swim so a while back I took him to the pool at my gym.  We have fun together!
Time to get to work!  Have 2.2 lbs to get rid of this week!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

what's important

This week has helped me remember what is important.  I certainly want to lose weight and it is important but this week I have been reminded that people and relationships are really what is important.  I have fabulous people that surround me in life.  I so appreciate everyone in my life!  

Today as a nurse I found myself having a lot more time to spend with my patients.  I have seen the other side of the medical profession and it has made me want to be a better nurse.  I tried to do the little things because I have seen how much they matter to the patients and their families.  

I weigh in tomorrow.  I have done pretty good this week.  I have not been perfect but whatever the scale says....its ok.  I'll keep working on it.  Its people that are important.  

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is why I left night shift

Last night I stayed in the hospital with a friend's 10 week old baby that had major brain surgery earlier this week.  She had a good night and most importantly her mom got to get some uninterrupted sleep.  Last night was not about me.  It was about supporting someone in need.

I did not sleep much.  I didn't know I was going to do this overnight until yesterday so I didn't change my sleep cycle to accommodate it.  I simply thought...I use to work nights....no big deal!  Well when I worked nights I slept in til noon getting ready to stay up all night etc.  Maybe I am just getting old!  I found myself really fighting old habits when I was leaving the hospital at 10 am this morning.  I wanted to eat all the crappy foods I use to eat at the end of a night shift.

I didnt go too crazy but I did enjoy a whole wheat tortilla with smart balance light and brown sugar on it.  When I am tired I eat crap to get the energy!

I am going to go snuggle into bed and enjoy sleeping the day away.  Tonight I get to have dinner with my nephew and his mom (my friend).  I am blessed we are all healthy.

Snuggle the children you love!  Being back in a children's hospital ICU was sure a reminder of how precious life is!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 miles!

I went to the gym tonight. On my way there I realized something that has happened in the last few weeks.  I packed my bag for the gym before I left for work this morning.  I got off work...and went to the gym.  I never had the internal fight about going.  I was actually looking forward to going.  Strange.  I might be enjoying exercise.  I am not going to get too excited about this yet (might be a new symptom of PMS that I didn't know about.)

Here is the even better part.  I think I had my hardest workout to date.  I jogged 1 mile then walked 0.05 miles then ran 1/2 mile then walked 0.05 again then ran another 1/2 mile.  I ran a total of 2 miles with only 0.1 walking total as breaks.  (I ran til 2.1 was on the treadmill so I really did run the 2 miles.)  I then walked another mile to cool down.  I didn't bike today.  I wasn't feeling it!  I did go get in the pool and I swam a mile which took me 54 minutes.  I am a slow swimmer!  I don't stress too much on speed in the water.  I figure I am moving my fat butt through the water....and that ain't easy!

I just want to recap in Jan where I started at.  I would walk 2 miles on the treadmill at 3.2 mph and that was pushing it.  I now jog at 4.5 (I will speed that up over time) and walk now at 3.8 mph.

I looked last night for a 5K in a month or so to register for but can not find any local ones.  I'll keep looking!

Going to only take Sophie for a walk tomorrow.  I am reading a book about beginning to run (thank you Laura) and it suggests that I should have a rest day between runs in the beginning.  So I am going to be an obedient girl and try to follow the guidelines.  An injury right now would be very sad for me!

Hope you had a good day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PMS is a rough thing!

I am PMSing terribly this month.  I am wanting to eat everything!  Luckily I want to be healthy more than I want to eat those foods but I could so go for a BIG juicy hamburger, or a donut, or a big slice of chocolate cake with lots of frosting!  Arg!  Hoping tomorrow is a tad easier.  I did find some cheese and crackers in my house to snack on but feeling ok about that since I had the cheese already measured out into 3 point bags.  OK....I suppose I should of served some Whine with those crackers!

I went to the Lafayette Reservoir this morning with a friend that I don't get to see nearly enough.  Deborah taught me much about nursing that is beyond the books.  She taught me to listen and care about the individuals I am caring for.  It was so great seeing her and I hope we make these walks a regular occurrence!


sad day

Well I am sad to report that my weigh in today was much as I thought it was going to be (because I get on my home scale every morning naked after peeing.)  I was up 0.4lbs.  Bummer!  I really had worked hard this last week and had not eaten outside of my points a single day.  Guess some weeks are like that.  
Had a long hard day at work where I came close to strangling 2 of our docs  (I'm pretty sure IV tubing would be strong enough...but in case its not maybe I will use oxygen tubing...hmmmm...things nurses think about.)
Guess I need to work harder this week.  I only took one day off exercising this last week so not sure how I can ramp that up much.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

12K race...San Francisco style!

San Francisco has a well known race (and I use the word race lightly...more on that in a bit) called Bay to Breakers.  It goes from the Bay Bridge through the city to the ocean.  I have heard stories about how much fun it is and the crazy costumes people wear.  When I started walking in Jan, I signed up to do the race with my friends Laura and Kim.  I had no idea how much fun the people watching would be.  Laura brought me a few necklaces and some fun sunglasses so I would have a bit of a costume.  This was my first mass race!
This is me about to get on BART on the way to the race!
This is me with Kim (on the right in the blonde wig) and her friend Janet (in the red wig) about to start the race.
Bay to Breakers has a strange tradition of throwing tortillas at the beginning of the race.  I am from Auburn Alabama where we throw toilet paper in a tree when we win football games so I am a fan of traditions that don't necessarily make sense so I went along with it without questions!  Here I am getting into the tradition!  Nothing like walking along minding your own business and having a tortilla come slap you in the head!
Bay to breakers is like Halloween in May.  The costumes (and sometimes no costume or clothes at all) are so fun to see!  Everyone is feeling festive and the booze is free flowing.  Its a fun atmosphere and more like a block party than a race!  Here are a few of the people that were around us in the "race."  Here is the viking float:
This guy reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite.
Fandango had someone dressed up as their mascot.
You need to understand it was about 45 degrees when the race started.  It was down right chilly!!!  This guy appeared to be ready for a day at the pool!
These "trout" swam upstream in the race.
Apparently the Mormon missionaries skipped church this morning.  
Thought this sign was funny.  Very California.  Picture on the right shows a guy that was standing on the corner.  So glad he "covered up" with a clear plastic bag.  Yes, he was totally naked under there.  There was one guy that was totally naked walking near us from about mile 2 until the finish!  He was not an attractive man!  Clothes would of improved things for him and his butt acne (bleh)!
Elvis (times 50) lives!
Obama even made time in his schedule to come!
Crossing the finish line!!!  7.2 miles done!  
Kim, Laura and Me at the end of the race.  We walked (Laura and I ran a small section....past the 7 mile sign so we could say.... "We ran through mile 7")  Happy it was over but we sure walked a lot further than 7.2 miles...my guess would be closer to 9 miles with all the weaving around people and walking to and from the race.
Here is a snap shot of the amount of people in the race.  We had to walk slowly with the crowd until about mile 4 when the crowd thinned out a bit and we could pull out and walk faster.  
It was a very fun day.  Next year I want to try to get in a earlier start group where it is a bit less crowded and actually run the course.  This race helped me remember why I love where I live!  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some days work

Today I went to the gym.  I was not really feeling it before I went but I sure was ready to get it "over with" so I could enjoy my evening guilt free and hopefully go to bed early.  Once I got going...I had a great day at the gym.  Here is what I did:
Jogged 1 mile consecutively in 13 min 43 sec (personal record....slow I know but I have to start somewhere)
Walked 0.25 of the next mile and jogged the rest.
I did 2 miles of uphill on the stationary bike.
I swam for 30 minutes.  I only swam that long because it was a beautiful day and the kids were overflowing into the lap pool and quite frankly I was tired of dodging them and I am sure they had the same opinion of me.
The jogging 1.75 miles is what I am most proud of.  I might become a runner yet.

I am a tad frustrated this week with my scale.  I weigh myself every morning when I get up.  I am obsessive compulsive and it shows!  I have been up a lb all week from what I was before I went to WW on Monday for my official weigh in.  I have been eating in my points (well...Mon I might of gone over just a tad but not bad for sure!)  I am hoping this weigh in helps scoot me on down that scale.  I really want to hit the 50 lbs mark soon!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thats what Friends are For!

I know I have said this over and over....but I have the best friends ever.  This morning I woke up to my friend Jewell asking if I wanted to come wash my car at her house.  She and I have talked about how that is something I miss from my house.  Washing my car is not a chore I hate.  What I hate is paying someone to do it.  So I went over to her house and we washed cars together.
After the car wash I went on a long walk with Meg and our pooches.  I knew I needed to plan out my meals for the week and get situated to make this a successful week!  I went to Costco and Safeway.  Sadly at Safeway I threw all my bags in the trunk only to discover after I closed it that I didn't have my keys.  I knew I had to have them when I opening the trunk.  ARGGG!  Luckily I had my cell phone on me.  I called Jewell.  She jumped right in the car to come rescue me!  My house key was in the trunk too so I wasnt sure how we were going to get my keys out!  I did leave the sunroof open because Sophie was in the car.  I knew I was not getting my fat ass through the sunroof but my skinny-minni (she has lost a ton of weight and is looking so great!)  friend might....and DID!!!
Here is a picture of jewell scooting through my sunroof.  At this particular moment she and I were laughing historically!  Imagine.....legs kicking out the top of a car at 5pm in a bust parking lot!  She was a life saver!  
So I came home and started prepping.  If I had to list 2 things that are the key to my success I would say exercise is #1 and #2 is prep work.  The next 5 days in my life are going to be busy so I want my meals all ready to go.  Here is what I made:
Fruit cups.  I still like to eat and eat a lot!!!  I have to fill myself with fruit and veggies.  I made these fruit cups.  They are pineapple, raspberries. blueberries and strawberries. I will add fiber one yogurt (1pt) and go lean crunch 1/2 serving (0.5 pts).  What a delicious snack!!!
I then cut up 5 apples (1pt each) and made 5 servings of oatmeal (2 pts each).  I sizzled 5 links of my favorite sausage (2 pts each) to add to the top of the oatmeal.  Breakfast is served for the next 5 days!
I made 5 spinach salads (0 pts), dressings 1pt and my favorite goat cheese (1.5 pts).
I then made beef fajitas for 4 servings.  I had 6 bell peppers in it, beef, black beans.  Packaged up fat free sour cream in one serving containers, put the tortillas in zip locks so its all ready to go.  (I get most of my containers at smart and final.  I am wasteful and hope to get better at this in the future!)

Tonight I also talked to Lance, my bestest friend.  He lives in Mississippi.  We have amazingly been able to maintain our deep friendship after 10 years of living across the country from each other.  He is also on the weight loss journey.  We have been on this journey many times together only to drop off and get back in old habits.  Lance even did the crazy liquid diet with me to support me when we were in NYC!!!  Lance has lost 25 lbs since Jan.  He and I had a really encouraging talk tonight.  He knows me better than anyone and he supports me better than anyone.  Due to scheduling issues and life I have not gotten to talk to him as much as I have at other times in our friendship.  I have missed that and am making him and our friendship a higher priority.   Here is a picture of both of us when I was back home about 6 weeks ago.
I am so incredibly grateful for all my friends love and support through all of this and my blonde stupid moves like locking my keys in my car!  Thank you all of you, including my online support team many of you that I do not know in person!  

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a good day!

Ever have a day where things just go good?  Yesterday was that day for me.   Lets start with my weigh in at weight watchers.  I lost 3 lbs!  yahooo!  Making it a total of 43.0 lbs lost!  After WW Cindy and I went to PF Chang's for lunch.  I had my soup (2pts) and lettuce wraps (14 pts).  After lunch we walked around Walnut Creek shopping.  My total

After shopping I picked up Kris and we headed to San Francisco to meet up with Hannah.  San Francisco can be a very difficult place to park.  Not yesterday!  I was able to park right in front of Hannah's place.  We had a lovely 5 mile walk along the water.

After the walk we went to shower and clean up then we went to get a manicure pedicure.  Again I found parking right in front of the manicure place!  Meg met us for the rest of the evening!
We went to a lovely dinner (wasnt a chain so I dont know the points) and then back to Hannah's for cards!  Was a lovely day!  Hope I have many many more like it!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you had a spectacular Mother's day.  I am very blessed with a wonderful mother myself.  She is in Iowa right now helping to take care of my Grandmother (who has a broken leg....just found this out today....no one tells me anything!!)  My mom even came out last year to help me move!  That is pure love!  Thanks mom for all you do for all of us kids!  

I went to lunch at our favorite Thai food restaurant with Cindy.  Cindy and I have been going to this restaurant together for years.  Today I picked good choices....and here is the amazing thing.  I didn't order what I have ordered at that restaurant every other time I have gone there.  I usually get spring rolls and yellow curry chicken (with no onions.)  Spring rolls are fried and the curry chicken has cocoanut milk in it (not healthy!)  I had a spicy soup without cocoanut milk in it.  I then went for a green curry with chicken and peanuts.  It turned out to be delicious (I picked out the eggplant....a tad slimy for me!)  Not sure if I have ever put on here that I am a picky eater.  I am getting slightly better but there is still a long list of foods I really dislike!

I came home to have my stomach TORE up!  I don't think it was from the restaurant.  I had one episode of diarrhea in the morning before going out so I think this was something I picked up at the dear place I work at.  Anyways....spent the afternoon between bed and the toilet.  I am happy to say that I drifted off to bed and woke up feeling WAY better.  

I didn't exercise since I was having such tummy troubles!  I only had about 10 seconds to get to the bathroom once I knew I needed it so I stayed home and was lazy.  I don't think I ate all my points and I know quite a few came up and didn't get absorbed.  Tomorrow is weigh in day so we'll see how I did!

Today was a bit of a bummer day for me.  Not sure why I get in a funk of mother's day but I do sometimes.  Might be because I am president-elect of the Baron Women's Club and its not looking like that is going to change any time soon!  What do I do when I am bummed?  Yup....EAT!!  Tonight I was craving strawberry shortcake (like my mom made when she came to my house!)  I have no idea how many points this was.  I made the shortcakes out of bisquick (the recipe is on the box) and did use smart balance light instead of real butter.  The strawberry shortcake was delicious and really hit the spot.  It did also help me eat a large serving of DELICIOUS strawberries!

Hope your day is filled with Strawberry Shortcake too!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good Week!

I have exercised every day this week except one.  I dont feel guilty about not working out that day because I got off work (from a 12 hour shift) at 11:30pm and had to be back at 7am.  It is about survival at that point.   I did go to the gym tonight after working a hellacious shift where I was in charge.  I use to be the charge nurse every shift I work.  Since switching to 11-11 I have only been in charge about 3 times.  I love taking care of my patients and letting others deal with the flow and complaints!  I was in charge again today.  Yikes!  Glad its over!  Tonight I went to the gym and did 15 min mile (I walked some and jogged some), my campus stationary bike route, and swam for 20 minutes. It was not a long workout but the gym was closing and I was tired so it will do!

This picture is with 2 of my favorite people!  Deanna and Meg are nurses I work with!  We decided to go out for drinks and dancing to celebrate nurses day!  (Who are we kidding....we wanted to go out and nurses day was a great excuse!)  Was very fun to be out with the girls!  I need to go out more!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hug a nurse

Happy Nurses Day!  The hospital I work at has "Nightingale Award" where each unit votes on what nurse they think deserves it.  I am so very honored to say that the Emergency Dept. voted for me.  There was a ceremony to honor those that received the award.  At the celebration there was cake.  I love cake.  At first I thought...."this is for me....its like birthday cake...on your birthday...you can eat cake."  And it is true that I could of had a piece of cake and the ground would not of opened and swallowed me up.  However....I had planned all my points out for my day before I went to work.  So I started thinking about what I would not eat in order to eat that slice of cake (I was guessing a slice was 5 points.)  The conclusion was...I didn't really want the cake instead of the nutritious food that would fuel my body for the day and help me not be hungry.
Yesterday at the end of my work day I was talking to my friend Meg.  I asked her if she wanted to go for a quick walk.  So there we were walking up Treat at midnight with our puppies.  It was not a long walk and not a super fast walk but I moved.  Thats all that matters.  I love that my friends will go do crazy things like that with me!
This morning I got up and Laura and I went to Briones to do our 4 mile hike.  I absolutely love that hike!  This time of year it is the most beautiful place I know of.  I could of done a lot longer cardiovascular wise but my hiking boots were rubbing raw spots in several places so I was happy to be done!.
Laura and I had a great motivating conversation about weight.   I am a tad worried about the month coming up.  I had had plateaus in the low 220's.  We talked about ways to plow through this spot where I perceive I might have trouble.  I still have a long way to go so I can not slow down!

Going out with the girls from work to celebrate Nurses Day (we use any reason to go out!!)  Who is better to celebrate with than a bunch of Emergency dept nurses!  Thank you to ANY and ALL nurses that read this.  You are amazing for all that you do seeing people in the most vulnerable time in their lives and giving amazing care!  Its a profession I am so very proud to be part of!
Murn, RN