Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I moved in with the hubby in May.  Since before I moved in I had plans on having a garden at this house.  When I first moved to California I had a tiny patio for a back yard.  Then I lived in an apartment.  I now have a house with a big back yard.  Yay!  It is a blank canvas too.....I mean really blank!

In fact the hubby and I do not agree on what should be happening in the back yard.  I picture a lovely green backyard with plants.  He pictures it staying just how it is....requiring no mowing.    So I am going to carve out an area for a garden.  I am going to have a raised bed built and have more veggies than I can ever eat!  I am pretty hopeful huh?  I have never gardened so I realize I may get nothing.  

I have a bit of ants in my pants to get my garden going but it is a bit too soon so I have started pots of stuff.  Here is what that looks like...

I will keep you updated!  Everything has sprouts but the bell peppers.  I will just buy seedlings of those if nothing pops up.  Again....I have no idea what I am doing but I'm having fun with it.  


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