Monday, June 20, 2011

beautiful day

I have known Rob for a long time.  We have been good friends since about 5th grade.  Rob is actually the one that nicknamed me Murn...a name that has followed me all the way to California.  He got married to a wonderful woman this weekend.  My brother was frat brothers with Rob.  Rob and I moved out to No Cal within weeks of each other.  He was here cause he is a smart guy and was getting his masters and PhD at Stanford.  I moved here to be closer to family and attempt to be a nurse.  When we first moved out here....we kept tight with our Auburn family watching games and spending thanksgivings together.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect.  I did not weigh what I had wanted to for this event.  I was 189 that morning I think....but it was ok.
Here is a picture of me with my older brother.  Many people at the wedding said we look so much alike. I dont really see it....but I guess thats usually the case.
 Here I am with the happy couple.  
Even though the wedding was so great, it did not change my mind on what I imagine my wedding to be like.  I dont want a wedding.  I want me, my special guy and someone getting us hitched.  I guess after being in so many weddings over the years I am just not interested in all the fanciness.  I dont like attention.  Someone that was with me at the wedding asked me if anyone said anything about my weight loss at the wedding.  I am very happy to say no...no one did.  I dont like talking about it.  It embarrasses me.  I dont know why but it does.  I was hiding behind all that weight avoiding attention.  The attention has been the hardest part about losing weight.  Its what has put me in therapy.  The people that I knew at the wedding have known me a long time.  In high school I was probably only 30 lbs heavier than I am now.  Thats not a big change in looks.  It was really nice to have a night where I never really wondered if I was going to have to talk about it.  
It was a great weekend and I wish Rob and Kat a lifetime of happiness together!

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  1. The pictures look great, and Im so happy for you guys. Congrats!